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The Haven Hotel Condominium at Bali

As one of the new hotel condominium completed, The Haven intentionally designed with a different concept. "This is Seminyak, the crowd and entertainment center. But I want the atmosphere like in the middle of rice fields, there are huts, water flows and hedge-pematangnya, "said Budi Tirtawisata, entrepreneur, developer The Haven.

For Karl W. Princic, landscape architects The Haven, an idea put forward the field developers, provides a lot of inspiration when she and Antony Liu architects plan a building design and landscaping The Haven. "How can we keep the feeling of the fields," said Karl Princic Budi Tirtawisata imitate speech.

Nuance fields must remain in the building will be erected. As seen in plan, the location of The Haven is located lengthwise on the two sides of the road. Raya Seminyak namely road and a small alley on the way Arjuna. Elongated shape on the land can be divided into three functions of apartments, villas and hotels.

So in addition to coconut and frangipani trees, we saw many airis, plants with leaves like rice, grown almost in all areas of resort complex. Airis also thrives in some parts of the roof of the villa that had been designed horizontally, forming stretch just like the boxes verdant rice fields.

Landscape The Haven is based on the concept of different stages of rice. Initially, the land is still vacant land in the form of digenani water. Then the fields are planted with rice growing and still need watering.

So starting from the hotel, the exterior of the four-story building with 96 rooms of this, describing the early stages of the process. "Rice with puddles like Reflecting pond," said Karl Princic. That's why the pool looks a lot around the lobby. Just below the restaurant there is also a large waterfall-shaped staircase.

Furthermore, airis green roof that covers most villas The Haven, described with paddy fields. At the villa of seven units, all equipped with private pool, the village atmosphere was felt. The building is designed like a villa a village in Bali with thatched roofs and small alleys.

While The Haven apartment consists of 2 blocks of each other. Landscape between the two tall buildings, also designed based on the idea of fields. That's reflected in the collection airis along the edge of the garden apartment and deck, wood deck connecting the swimming-pool in the garden. Deck-deck is, as the hedge-existing dikes in rice fields.

Here, the swimming-pool accident following the laid zig zag the whole complex of land forms that are irregular. The placement of such a design is intended to obtain a more dynamic. Not much less boring monotone.

Concept fields themselves, causing little accent trees in this area. Apart from some frangipani, there is only tabebuya tree, flare or cempaka Trembesi and planted there. If cambodia cambodia-old who had been planted to strengthen the character and nuances of Balinese who want to appear, not so with the other trees.

According to Karl Princic, privacy of the guests is another reason why large trees such as Trembesi tabebuya and placed on a particular point of apartments and hotels. "In addition to greening, we need big trees to maintain the privacy of visitors," he explained.

Tabebuya trees planted in the front lobby of the apartment overlooking the swimming pool, to protect the guests who were swimming. Then Trembesi and cempaka trees planted in the border corners of apartments and villas to restrict view apartment or hotel room at the villa.

The same thing also revealed an architect Antony Liu. According to him, from the beginning, not only designs and concepts are well prepared by the consultants involved in the project The Haven. Problem privacy room, especially guests apartments and villas, did not escape the attention.

Then as public buildings, the hotel is open to anyone who comes to stay or just to simply use the restaurant or gym facilities available. In contrast, although the apartment is a building with many units such as hotels, private. Only residents of the apartment can be entered into the unit or using the facilities.

Based on those differences, the hotel placed on the side of a busy street, facing the Jalan Raya Seminyak, while apartment buildings are placed on a relatively small streets deserted. Thus, apartment residents awake privacy.

However, much less than the hotel apartments, villas are more closed again. They are staying at the villa usually want privacy very high. That is why the villa The Haven placed between the hotel and apartment buildings.

The Haven is the flexibility and convenience prioritize his guests. Apartment facade ideas from plaid fabric on disarungkan statues in Bali for example, is also designed to increase the privacy of residents of the apartment.

Interestingly, balcony in each unit is designed spacious apartment, even to put the mattress large enough. From there, guests can enjoy the view apartment garden and swimming pool, is like sitting on the hall staring at the residence. While the interior designed rooms with soft colors from white oak wood finishing touch with a white-dominated and combined with modern colors such as dark gray.

Interior room was styled villa with senatural possible soft colors and cozy. Here, the color of wood which gives the impression bangkirai light colors combined with young, white oak wood. While the presence of Balinese terrazzo floor, curtains made from linen with a broken white color makes more room for fresh air.

Like the apartment, all rooms in the villa also get a direct view to the swimming pool or deck. Even the bathroom villa surrounded by gardens. The design is very detailed and meticulous is intended for consumers to get a different experience when staying in a hotel, apartment or villa at The Haven. As developernya, The Haven is prepared with the concept of "somewhere but nowhere".

Thinking about the concept and architect Antony Liu and his colleague, Ferry Ridwan when designing these buildings can be seen in Indonesia Design majlah edition 32 'Hot Estates in Bali' featuring 6 new properties located in the island resort.
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