Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jimbaran Residence at Daan Mogot

New Mogot Daan is real estate that has great potential to become
environmentally friendly housing. With a land area of 70 hectares, this housing has a fairly complete facilities, such as shopping malls, hospitals, cinemas, bookstores, schools, and added hundreds of shop / shophouse that will meet the various needs of this compound.

Cluster Exclusive
In the development of construction, Daan New Mogot until now has six residential clusters. Namely Kintamani Park, Park Tampak Siring, Bedugul Park, Park
Gilimanuk, Taman Ubud, and Gilimanuk Park Limited Editions. Finally, housing has just launched a new cluster named The Jimbaran Residence.

According to Juan Wijaya Panca, General Manager of PT Fajar Surya Perkasa (Fassa), dwelling in the Jimbaran Residence will be built two floors with a minimalist retro design style that is currently a trend among the people.

"With this design style, we prepare artistic touches on the grille, door, and walls of the building by not leaving the impression functional. The house is in the Jimbaran Residence will look simple, but interesting to look at, "added Juan.

Furthermore, Juan said that in the cluster The Residence Jimbaran is it to apply the concept of Modern & Smart Living with the use of energy-saving materials and environmentally friendly.

Examples of application of this concept is the use of lighting systems for lighting homes, as well as solar cell usage for lighting and heating water park. The developer is also preparing telecommunications connections and information (Internet) that uses optic technology and Wi-Fi.

For his building materials, homes at The Residence Jimbaran using the latest technology for building materials through the use of steel frame and roof light, frame made from aluminum, and sanitary with a dual system that saves more water.

"In addition, to all existing homes in the Jimbaran Residence, will have a front garden that connects with a thematic design of the park environment. This park is deliberately prepared by us, as a refreshing environment and vehicle interaction antarpenghuni living in this cluster, "added Juan.

For the latest cluster in this new Mogot Daan, available several types of houses, ranging from 8 x 15 (lt / lb 120/165 m2), 8 x 18 (lt / lb 144/180 m2), up to 10 x 20 (lt / lb 200/230 m2). Questioning the selling price range, existing residential units at The Jimbaran Residence offered at the price range from USD 925 million up to Rp 1.4 billion per unit.

Remarkably, in the pre-launching mid-December 2008 conducted ago, the developers say they have terpesan (booked) for 15 units with various types of existing homes in this cluster.


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