Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Grand City at Surabaya

Grand City at Surabaya is a mixed use center is the first in his class consisting of a mall, incentive meeting facilities, convention and exhibition (MICE), five star hotels and service apartments.

Strategic location in the heart of the city is one plus the value presented in addition to the facilities. Built on a land area of almost 5 ha, Grand City Surabaya in the first phase area of 180.000 m2, offers Shopping Mall, upscale, Convention and Exhibition Center with international standard and supporting facilities. Will also be equipped with the development of a five star hotel and service apartments.

View contemporary design adds to the mall buildings display architectural prowess. Curved design of the building mass on the front of the deliberately created as a response to the environmental elements in front of Kalimas stream. Consists of five floors plus a basement with total area of 81.000 m².

What distinguishes the interior side of the mall the other is the existence of two concepts, namely West and East. This interior concept combines elements of Western culture and Eastern culture with a marked pattern concept, color, lighting and art work at a giant painting hanging transparent in the middle of voids through each floor. With high end segment, presented by tenant mixed-brand is a brand of international fashion, department stores & supermarkets international, fitness and beauty centers, restaurants and famous cafes, cinema grandest building in Surabaya with 7 screens and entertainment area of children, adolescents and family.

Whereas for convention and exhibition center is located adjacent to the mall and as one building. What distinguishes only buildings that tend to form a rectangle. Circulation patterns between the mall and exhibition center allows visitors are either inside or outside the room where there is a corridor connecting almost all the floors. Outside the visible display integrated between these two buildings, but each has a clarity of function space. Convention and exhibition center is a convention facilities, showrooms, multi-purpose room, meeting room and space first international marriage in Surabaya.

With a total area of 21,000 m², Grand City to provide facilities and the largest showroom outside Jakarta, complete with magnificent ballroom in Surabaya. The merit of this exhibition center is a facility designed to have a heavy burden on the floor of 2 tons / m² and a high ceiling to reach 12.8 m. Memorable silver plush interior side dominated by alloys lighting system that meets the standards of luxury and function of real space.

In addition, also to support the needs of existing activities will have a star-class hotels and service apartments are available in one area. All the existing buildings in the area of mutual synergy optimize their respective functions as well as unity. From various fabric functions and international events that could in the title, Grand City will be able to bring the city of Surabaya to international level that could reach the domestic and foreign markets. This is also supported by the circulation patterns of human vehicles and properly divided. There is also extensive parking facilities and can accommodate 2500 cars (lower ground, parking lots and parking building) and 500 motorcycles (lots).

All design and mixed used commercial buildings in the masterplan is handled RTKL Los Angeles, one of the world-class architect consultants who are experts in their fields. In view of modern design makes the city Surabaya has a new icon and adds architectural treasures of the city skyline this hero. Grand City, Surabaya is planned to operate in mid-2009


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