Monday, August 17, 2009

GRAND ORCHARD Summarecon Kelapa Gading

Summarecon as one of the major developers in India, it is' concern 'for each of the innovation project launched property. Summarecon presents a new residential area in Summarecon Kelapa Gading, Grand Orchard, which combines modern style architecture with the concept of 'living green' is unique. Unique because it is said the new area of 40 ha of this area presents a 'green' is very different from the existing ones. This new area is very environmentally friendly because it does not burden her environment. Through the System Folder System Residents of this area allows managing the water governance system independently, penyerapannya including, without teragntung on the surrounding environment or Zerro known as the Sum Concept.

Other important factors that are the main advantages is the existence of the Grand Orchard Green Spine. Green Spine is a green garden with a wide variety of trees peneduh as trembesi, ... and others, have a length of more than 1000 meters. In addition to the pedestrian path that is very comfortable, Green Spine is the 'connector' of 6 cluster in the area of the Grand Orchard. Through the Green Spine is also, to reach the commercial area such as shop houses, food court, club house, or beraktifitas others in the cluster, the cluster is not the need to use the vehicles, everything can be done on foot. A pollution free environment and support the 'energy saving'. Green Spine concept is very unique and can be a new breakthrough to create the ideal residential area.


As a residential area, each cluster is in the Grand Orchard akan equipped Club House that provides a swimming pool you can enjoy at any time with the family, children playground as a means to play beloved children, as well as multi-function room that you can use to learn -aerobic with colleague and for various other activities with the residents of the cluster. Various support facilities such as shop houses, food court, mini market, and others, will be built to serve the needs of residents of the (compact city). In addition to the house that is built akan landed house also Townhouse and apartments in the area concentrated mix-uses.


Grand Orchard developed in Eastern Zone Summarecon Kelapa Gading (East Zone). The location is very strategic because it easy to reach 'Business District' or Summarecon Kelapa Gading is known as the Sentra Kelapa Gading Mal Kelapa Gading muster, La Piazza, Gading Food City, The Summit Apartment and hotel. From Grand Central to Orchard Kelapa Gading only takes a few minutes elalui Two Pegangsaan access, and hybrid Raya Bulevar Kelapa Gading. Grand Orchard indeed a wise choice for you who want a class residential environment with the concept of prime.


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