Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kota Harapan Indah

Kota Harapan Indah currently complement the existing facilities at Hope City Beautiful as an effort to provide comfort for occupants. A number of additional facilities, such as a food city, education facilities (Schools John Paul CPC Sower, Al Azhar, etc.), the modern market, Harapan Indah Club, automotive and auto parts centers, Harapan Indah Mall (with four floors and the building area 54 thousand square meters), walk café, and office tower.

New Cluster Development
Not only provides a comfortable settlement and complete, the City Harapan Indah also promises a different lifestyle. Entering 2009, the developer remained consistent develop one house and two floors of tropical modern style. It can be seen from the development of Harmony Cluster, Aralia, Heliconia, and Ifolia all of which have entered the second phase of development.

According Minarni, modern residential elections in several clusters of tropical included in this second phase of development is to provide a comfortable alternative to residential and exclusive. "The concept of cluster-adjusted to his classroom that houses will be built. Infrastructure cluster environment is also designed to be the area green and lush trees combined rows on either side of the road environment, "added Minarni.

As for the type of housing, in addition to developing the cluster of Tropical Asia has a larger plot size than the other clusters, the developer also plans to soon release two new clusters with more plot size
area and the number of units is also limited.

"This large cluster of type we intentionally prepared to meet consumer demand
who wanted residential land size and larger buildings. In the near future, we plan to immediately release the two major types of clusters, "said Minarni.

With the concept of a comfortable residential facility and complete, it was natural to hope the City Beautiful will become the reference community housing needs. Interested
join the thousands of other residents in enjoying the comfort of living in Kota Harapan Indah?


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