Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cluster le jardin

PT Lippo Cikarang Tbk. as an independent town developer Lippo Cikarang, re-presenting the latest residential clusters in the region Elysium Cluster Mega Residence with the name Le Jardin @ Elysium Residence.

Ecofriendly Living
According to Endang Sutrisna, General Manager of PT Lippo Cikarang Tbk., Le Jardin @ Elysium Residence is a cluster-to-2 from a total of 12 clusters was due to be developed in a Mega Cluster Elysium Residence with a total of 3500 units of housing in the area of 126 hectares.

"One of the advantages that Le Jardin was owned by this cluster are in the area that had become, with the first round already present several other clusters in the area of housing Lippo Cikarang, like Mapple Leaf, My Home 2, Orchard Hill 2, and the shop Ventura houses. In addition, around the cluster there is also Food Fest and Sports Village which will complement the cluster, "said Endang Sutrisna added.

Le Jardin @ Elysium Residence the concept "Ecofriendly Living". That is, these clusters the concept of environmentally friendly "green", comfortable, and safe. The developer itself provides plenty of green open space to create a green tone in this cluster region. In addition, to support the concept that there is also a lake and a river that flows in the compound.

"Factors that placed underground utilities, the number of park environment, and security systems in and out of doors (one gateway system), of course, strongly supports the concept that we are living ecofriendly apply for this cluster," said Endang again.

Each residential unit in the cluster of Le Jardin @ Elysium Residence has a concept and style of contemporary building, which is a fusion of modern and classical architecture. The architect who designed the second cluster in this region is Elysium Residence architectural team of PT Lippo Cikarang Tbk. and Browse Harmoni Cipta.

Total occupancy in the cluster Le jardin @ Elysium Residence approximately 184 units with some type of home options, ie, 53/140, 64/160, 84/180, and 114/200. The price offered by the developer for the residential range of USD 200 to USD 500 million of million per unit.

Completeness Facilities
There are two schools are very close to the location of Le Jardin @ Elysium Residence, which is the Trinity School and Tunas Bangsa. This cluster is also very close to the Olympic Sport Club and Education Center (which specialized in commercial areas of education).

In addition, Lippo Cikarang independent city itself provides many facilities for residents who live in housing starts from preschool school to high school, such as Sekolah Pelita Harapan, Dian Harapan School, Trinity, Faith Works, Tunas Bangsa, and Angloo.

In addition, there are other city facilities into a pillar for the Lippo Cikarang Like: Siloam Hospitals, Hotel Sahid Lippo Cikarang, Mal Lippo Cikarang, modern markets, and recreation, such as water boom, water theme park, Playcentre Hom Pim Pa. Then there is also Olympic Sport Club, a swimming pool with olympic size, Galeria Singaraja and plaza, as well as commercial centers Lippo Cikarang.

With all these amenities completeness, has made cluster Le Jardin @ Elysium Residence has a high comfort level as a place to stay. Moreover, the entire management of housing (estate management) are also handled by the developer which would guarantee the quality and management of this neighborhood. If you have this, you should immediately have a residential occupancy and enjoy the completeness of residential facilities and the perfect comfort in Lippo Cikarang. You interested?


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