Tuesday, August 25, 2009

House Solution Holcim

‘House Solution Holcim’ as the means to provide a settlement on the house, the Holcim products are specifically designed to provide convenience for customers to build a house. At first, Holcim Indonesia to provide training to carpenters. Holcim expects carpenter can work better according to the science building after getting their proper training. This step is done so that after training finished at Holcim, they will provide recommendations on the building owner to use the Holcim cement to build his building.

Carpenter training are successfully, and at this time Holcim launched products are processed from the cement where this product have not been produced by cement competitor’s manufacturers in Indonesia. While cement companies in Indonesia to sell cement in the form of a pack or rainfall, Holcim cement to create a new breakthrough with the new product produced from cement, such as: brick, concrete bony structures, door frames, window frames, and concrete floors and worn, in addition to still sell the cement pack or rainfall.

See the product, I am confident that these products only to the house because of the strength of the products are simple and easier to help build a house. ’House Solution’ is not only ready to provide building materials, such as that described in the above, but more than that. ‘House Solution’ also help customers to create home designs to fit the customer wants, in order to advise the house that was built customer more efficiently and sparingly, help control the quality of materials used for home so the house will be solid and durable, besides the Holcim also facilitate financing the home with the bank to customers.

Product was launched by the Holcim truly help customers, especially for customers who do not understand the science of building. This makes customers can have the ideal home in accordance with the rules of the obvious. With a population of approximately 250,000,000 people, namely, Indonesia has great potential in investment in this sector. Therefore, the steps made by Holcim to make the franchise ‘House Solution’, in the long term will be very beneficial.

The Holcim cement step is excellent because Holcim cement has started to produce building materials ready plug in for the first time. At the time of other cement only on the concentration of ordinary cement, Holcim has been used to produce more material ready to install.

Home Solutions 3in1 concept offers one-stop-shopping concept that consists of three units: Service Center, and Precast Production RetailShop.

Service Center
Function provides design consulting services using special software from Holcim. Software can generate the design house plans ready to build, as well as estimates of material usage and the total price and the cost of the process. In addition to the standard home designs such as type 36 and 45, other designs can be adapted to the wishes of the client and his budget.

Retail Shop
Is a regular store that sells materials or building materials retail home accessories, which would not have to build a house.

Precast Production

Is a unit that produces specialized building components such as Holcim bataton standards, the column block, for bataton U sloof, rooster, canopies, sills, tiles, tile curve to make no concrete support beams and roof tiles nok.

Building a house faster with Solutions Development House claimed more quickly than conventional means. For only 36 types of homes needed 3.5 weeks, not including installation of finishing such as ceramics and painting. Development using a number of components in the form of precast concrete wall system installation system (practical column) and frame system. Quality of material is more awake because standards are manufactured with cement and sand from Holcim. Plastering work and also acian not need a lot and faster, because the surface smooth enough bataton.

Still the problem of development, the solution will recommend a home contractor or builder (Abang) Holcim who had been trained to carry out development.

Building environmentally friendly homes with Home Solutions also claimed more environmentally friendly. Quality of design has taken into account resistance to earthquakes, capable of flowing air and natural light to enter the well, so the house everyday wastes no energy. While the use of components of precast concrete building was designed and functions as bekisting, thus reducing the use of wood as a drag and cost.

Holcim Franchise opportunities are also opening opportunities for the public to conduct business and construction materials is a franchise. Business enthusiasts should prepare in advance at least 2400 m2 of land to place the area Service Center, Retail Shop and Precast Production, plus a model home. Outside the land and initial working capital, investment is needed around Rp921 million for a package of broadcast production, fully furniture shop, exhibition houses, machinery equipment production, branding, one computer and software, technical training, nontechnical training, audit and product control franchise fee. Each outlet should sell basic materials such as iron, pipes, cables, sand and cement to meet the standards of Holcim. The amount of labor it takes about 17 people and provided by the franchisor. Three of them as a manager, or sales consultant home solutions and production supervisors. The rest of the daily energy producing materials for building components. The entire workforce will first undergo training conducted Holcim.


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