Monday, August 31, 2009

Golf Resort Pecatu

Golf Resort. It seems fitting title given to Le Grande Suites, condotel with a 5 star hotel facilities in the region Pecatu Indah Resort, Bali. But the greeting was given not only because it was right in the middle of the golf course. Viewed from a distance, shapes Le Grande building a clear and firm, looks like a golf putter. Golf putter is a golf club used on the last hole when the golfer to hit the hole. It is marked with a designed horizontal roof, flat roof.

As a golf resort, of course Le Grande Suites is built for golf lovers and families. In the apartment complex and hotel, they can play golf on a golf course 18 holes full. Tired of entering a golf ball from one hole to another hole, they can return to the apartment unit to soak in the Jacuzzi in the garden pond at the apartment units. It could also just sit in front of kabana in the pool, or enjoy dinner at a floating dining area designed romantic.

The scene at around Le Grande Suites are beautiful.

Green grass golf course is widely integrated with trees and plants that grow there. Some elements such as wantilan Balinese gazebo made kabana with a more modern design and simple look at some corner of a swimming pool. Likewise, the water feature of the stone gurgling noises.

Le Grande Suites, a luxury apartment complex, built on the land area of 2.6 hectares of fully-owned by PT. Albros graha. Form of land itself is almost like a guitar, a little in front of the back. Le Grande Suites Management is a local company that has stood since 4 years ago and started its business in countries in Eastern Europe. One manages the property, located in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Proximity management with countries in Eastern Europe, affecting both the occupancy rate of hotels and apartments Le Grande. Apart from local tourists, visitors who come to stay mostly from countries like Russia, Arabia, India, the United States and Australia. Even some of them are apartment units bought Le Grande so no trouble finding lodging while in Bali.

Interestingly, almost all of Le Grande apartment units are equipped with storage, where the guest or the owner put the golf stick. This is easier for them, golf lovers will come during a trip to Bali. They do not have to carry a heavy golf equipment from home or country of origin.

Nurman Espana Aji, architect Le Grande Suites says, by the owner of Le Grande he was asked to design the 2 types of apartments: 1 bedroom apartment and 2 rooms. Le Grande then become a complex consisting of 60 apartment units and 130 hotel units plus 2 units of the Presidential Suites. Each apartment unit is designed with an area 120 m2 and 240 m2, unit spacious hotel rooms with 53 m2 Presidential Suites and the units of each area of 400 m2. The complex was equipped with tennis courts, spa, common swimming pool, pool bar, function hall for 400 people and a restaurant.

The entire unit, assembled into a building concept with a modern tropical style. Elements brown wood, clearly visible on the facade of the building. Similarly, Taro looks yellow with an atmosphere of cool tropical beach. While some sun shading to direct sunlight does not hit apartment rooms, designed with a combination of wood and steel. Steel used to give a modern effect, while the wood to show that a self-building is tropical.

More about the design concept of Le Grande Suites can be seen in a magazine interview with Indonesia Design Nurman Espana Aji, principal architect of Fleur de Lis consultant who designed this building, in the magazine Design No. Indonesia. Hot 32 themed Estates in Bali featuring 6 new properties on the island of the Gods from Condotel, hotels, and villa.


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