Monday, August 31, 2009

Green Golf Course at Surabaya

Like a brick wall sheet enforced. That the Adhiwangsa Golf Residence. Apartments are standing on the mall in the region Lenmarc West Surabaya, has a very flat shape. Formation of thin and elongated that it was obvious especially when we see it from the north or south side of the building, making it unique.

For apartments, the Adhiwangsa is different. Not because of its flat, while most flat rectangular thick. This becomes a special occupancy as each unit has two view equally interesting: Bukit Darmo Golf Course 18 holes in 8 of the lake's renowned golf course designer Jack Nicklaus II and the views over the city of Surabaya.

But the description is not yet over. Because in some corner units, the view can be enjoyed by residents of the apartment is 46 floors, increases. North side of the unit for example, in addition to the view that has already been mentioned, could see Suramadu bridge connecting the island of Java and Madura in the distance. While the south side of the unit received additional scenery nice houses from other properties that are scattered around the Adhiwangsa.

Piter Gan, architect The Adhiwangsa explained, all the privileges that starts from a very short brief submitted developers to build apartment complex that all the unit looking golf course. Naturally, all units are prime no second class. This, according to the target market to be achieved: upscale community with high lifestyle.

After learning more details of the uniqueness and strengths of the project site, piter Gan is also developing further development programs into a design. But the Kansas University graduate architect, the United States, wanted to give something more. For not only every unit, every room in the unit facing designed golf course.

So digambarlah plan where the main rooms such as living room, dining room, bed room and master bed room, placed on one line facing the golf course. While the kitchen with a living room can be made plong makanpun, so when cooking residents can still enjoy the view off.

While the bathroom, wardrobe room and service areas, placed on one line on the west side of the unit. So these rooms also have views that are not less good with the living room or master bedroom: city of Surabaya. That makes the entire space within each apartment unit is 46 floor, got the sun as much and have good air circulation.

Arie Soeripan, Marketing & Communication Manager PT. Bukit Darmo Property, the developer said Adhiwangsa Golf Residence, in addition to those advantages, apartment residents can also enjoy some of the facilities placed at 5th floor apartment or the top of the mall. Facilities include: swimming pool, tennis courts, spa and fitness center, children's playground, barbeque area, a shopping mall, and a private lobby and elevator.

The two latter facilities, is an important component that supports the comfort and privacy of residents. Comfort and privacy apartment dwellers, it is preferred. It looks from the way the developers set the flow in and out of both apartment dwellers and visitors. Residents, for example, only have access to apartment units each. Fellow residents want to see if any, should advance through the lobby, as well as guests.

Similarly, if want to shop or just look around the mall. The tenant can not immediately go down and stopped on floor 1, 2, 3, or 4, where a variety of consumer goods of life and lifestyle products on display. They should come down to the lobby, exit, then walked toward the mall lobby. On the contrary, visitors mall, have no access to the apartment.

The Adhiwangsa itself is the only apartment in Surabaya are equipped with private and semi-private elevator and designed a single corridor where the units are not facing each other. The concept of one-floor elevator, one of which is applied to ensure the safety of the occupants. In essence, so that privacy of those living in apartments is the highest in Surabaya was fully awake.

More about the design concept can be seen Adhiwangsa apartment in an interview with the architect piter Indonesia Gan in the magazine edition of Design 33 High End Apartments featuring exclusive apartment building 6 Indonesia. (Siti Nurbaiti / Indonesia Design)


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