Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hunian Islami

PT Mustika Hadiasri. Vila Ilhami housing developers who are located in areas Karawaci, Tangerang, this is the dwelling nuances Muslims since 14 years ago.

May 2009, the Mustika Hadiasri launched a new kluster titled Munawarah. Projects that built on four hectares of land consists of 129 various types of houses. Ie type Rhosidiin, Shabiriin, Syakiriin, and Thayibiin. "Munawarah is an exclusive area for using the concept of kluster, while others do not," said Campaign Manager Vila Ilhami Dedi Mustofa.

Developers the incentive to offer housing berkonsep Islamic community because the more attractive. Dedi says, this is the case in line with the development of sharia banking products. "Demand continues to increase even though by the global financial crisis," he said.

Other players who also try niche market with the feel of the house is Islamic CV Fadhilah Main blessing. Company property on the new field of 2006 that continue to develop housing Reality The Orchid is located in Depok, West Java. They sell as many as 400 homes since early 2009 then.

The result is tolerable. Until this month, a behavior already reached 300. Success in this business houses to encourage Islamic Fadhilah blessing planned expansion to other regions. For, "is still wide-open market," said Nasrullah, Director Fadhilah blessing.

If there is no obstacle in the way, Fadhilah blessing kluster also plan to launch new in The Orchid Realty. Kluster named Griya Alam Permai akan that stand on land 9,000 square meters. There is also a housing project in the area Qoryatusalam former City Kembang Depok Raya area of five hectares. In Qoryatusalam, Fadhilah blessing to share with other Islamic residential developers.

Although the housing developers have not been many Islamic nuances, not in the product they do not need a special moment. Nasrullah more like the sale of her house with syariah banking products, from the loan to the investment contract. "This makes people more interested," said the founder of this Fadhilah blessing.

Not a long-term trends
In addition to splice sharia banking products, Mustika Hadiasari also how to use a traditional campaign, namely to provide up to 12.5% discount for each purchase of a house in Vila Ilhami. "This is valid until the end of the year," said Dedi.

According to the Head of Research Jones Lang Lasalle Anton Sitorus, in crisis situations, the developers are offering various promotions that most closely with the private consumer. "From the potential, the market of large houses Islamic because the majority Muslim population in Indonesia," he said.

But, Anton saw the appearance of housing with the Islamic concept of variation is just to refresh the market. He was sure, this will not be long-term trends. "It's just marketing strategies to attract interest in the middle of the competition," he said.

source: kompas.com


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