Monday, August 17, 2009

Rasuna Epicentrum Jakarta

A mega project spearheaded by PT Bakrieland Development Tbk. is the most grandiose undertaking ever by any entity that will mark Jakarta as one of the World’s City of Destination.

This project is erected in an area of more than 50 hectares in the Kuningan vicinity. A paragon of all projects, this will make the Rasuna Epicentrum a city within a City and eventually be celebrated as the Lifestyle Capital of Jakarta. It will be Jakarta’s largest integrated “live, work and play” center.

A venue of hip cafĂ©’s and restaurants, exhibits, live cultural and new era entertainment, boutique and various branded outlets, high rise office buildings and small business offices, the Rasuna Epicentrum will nest a fresh new wave of residents.

The Rasuna Epicentrum will not only upgrade the quality of living in Jakarta but moreover, eventually contribute to boost the country’s economy as well.


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