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Located in the heart of Jakarta, BUNDARAN HOTEL INDONESIA is one of famous historical places in Indonesia since the 1960’s. Besides Hotel Indonesia, there also stand 5-star hotels, prominent shopping malls namely Hotel Nikko, Grand Hyatt, Hotel Mandarin, Plaza Indonesia (the place where you can find the largest Louis Vuitton store in Indonesia is) and Plaza EX. Moreover, the place has easy access as mass transportation facilities – BUSWAY are available to take people to their offices or central business district in Jalan Thamrin, Jalan Sudirman or Kota area.
KEMPINSKI PRIVATE RESIDENCE offers an exclusive apartment comprising 59 floors with 260 units. There are 3 types of unit available: 2-bedroom unit measuring 162 m2, 3-bedroom unit measuring 261 m2 and Penthouse unit measuring 261 m2 or 690 m2. In addition, there are also 30 units of service apartment with 2 bedrooms available for expatriates who wish to stay just for months.

With all its premium facilities, BUNDARAN HI has been coveted by the executives and expatriates for staying and living; and Hotel Indonesia revitalization program has answered the need by developing a mixed-use-area consisting of “Grand Indonesia Shopping Town” shopping center, “BCA Tower” rental offices and “KEMPINSKI PRIVATE RESIDENCE” apartment tower. The residential is located at the rear of the INDONESIAN HOTEL COMPLEX. It can be accessed directly from the lobby elevator at the Grand Indonesia’s east entrance that will take residents and visitors to the Sky Lobby at the upper floor of East Mall Grand Indonesia.

Visitors are waiting at the Sky Lobby in podium area as security system with access card does not allow them to go upstairs directly into residential units. Sky lobby with library therein are accessible only to residents of apartment. Residents can have choices whether to enjoy the facilities at Sky Lobby first, to stroll around the podium, or to head directly to their units through a private elevator.

As for the residents, the podium area serves as transitional space. In this area, some facilities are provided for the residents and guests such as swimming pool, spa, fitness center, outdoor Jacuzzi and bar for relaxing. All the facilities have view to the city.
Akin to its location that carries the name of Indonesia, the entire building interior of KEMPINSKI PRIVATE RESIDENCE also brought the nuance of Indonesia. For instance, it applies materials that brings warm and homey atmosphere such as wood and travertine marble, combined with glass and aluminum.
The nuance of Indonesia can also be felt from the architectural details that incorporate traditional pattern with modern touch. Staircase’s railing at sky lobby, for instance, use glasses with colored pattern at the middle; MINK TAN, an interior designer based in Singapore, also include floral and batik pattern on the other surface.

Hanny Wahyuni, Director of Public Relations explained that KEMPINSKI PRIVATE RESIDENCE at Bundaran HI, Jakarta is the first Kempinski Group’s apartment in Southeast Asia. This tall residential is expected to be a successful pilot project for the next development of Kempinski’s hotel and apartment. AS the oldest hotel management in Europe, with experience of more than 112 years, KEMPINSKI offers 5-star- service for the residents. They provide room service and foreign newspaper subscription for those who want it. Everything is at your service to bring the high class lifestyle.


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